This journey to slow down our family has been pretty fantastic.  I’m really enjoying less stress and less crazy.  However, baseball season is-a-comin’ and I have 2 boys playing this year instead of one.  Continuing the slow down and keeping some of our free time will be challenging for the next few months.

What we’ve accomplished in our less busy life…
-Reading consistently at night with the kids
-Plenty of home play time for the kiddos
-Lots of home projects started and completed (chalkboard wall, rooms cleaned out, painting, creating)
-Reading books for myself
-watched movies with Ryan
-Learned a new rhythm of family
-joined PlanToEat.com and meal planned and the stress of cooking has totally changed!
-Bible Study with girlfriends
-Kept up with running (Except for these last 2 crazy winter weeks)
-Boys have had time to draw and create with Legos

I still have a lot to learn but the next step for us is more family service time outside our home.  My kids are way passed ready to do some mission projects as a family.  There are lots of people we can serve and help but more than anything my kids need a mind-set of others and not self!

IMG_0214                               IMG_0217                                     IMG_0216