31 Days, Day 21 – No More Clutter in the Closet

Part of my frustration with being busy and out of control is that my house gets out of control.  There are five of us living in this space and I do the majority of the work in maintaining order.  When the house is a wreck my mind is a wreck and I over exaggerate in my mind the craziness.

This has been an obvious problem for a while but since Thea was born I have pretty much been in survival mode.  Now that all 3 kids are older they can take on more responsibilities when it comes to keeping order in the house. Now I have to work on letting go of control.  Life and issues never end (until it does:).

My first step in restoring some order to the house was to tackle my closet.  The #1 issue in our disorderly crazy house is CLOTHES.  We DO NOT need this much.  Ryan built me a great closet just after Thea was born and it’s just the right size for me to keep all my clothes for every season.  Which means I can’t be a clothes horse.  So, to help ease my craziness I have purged the closet!

This was how I decided what goes and never returns to the closet…
1. Do I have multiples of this?
2. Did I wear it the last season, if yes stay, if NO then GO
3. Is there still a maternity label on it
4. Do I always by pass this piece and move to something else
5. Does it complete an outfit or complicate it

I have never been able to consolidate my wardrobe, but when you’re tired of being out of control you’ll go to great lengths.  I now get a lot of peace when I walk into my office (where my closet is). And instead of being frustrated about what to wear it’s now pretty simple cause there’s less to muddle through.

How do you keep your closet from getting out of control?