31 Days of Life Hacks and Joy: Day 1- 75 Degrees Autumn is here!!!!

Yes, I’m a terrible blogger, but for some reason I can handle a 31 day challenge!  Last year I wrote on a serious subject that I was dealing with, BUSY BUSY BUSY!  I’m not a serious person. This year I need fun!  There are so many things I use daily that make my life easier and that I just love.  When I love something I want to share it.  For these next 31 days I’m going to share my life hacks and things I love that bring joy to me.  I’m not a planner but categories can and will be books, apps, fashion, home, exercise, beauty, weather, and oh so much more!!!

So DAY 1… FALL FALL FALL is in the air.  I’m in Arkansas and getting REAL Autumn weather is a crap shoot.  You just never know if it’s going to be 80 degrees, 30 degrees, or a beautiful 75!  October 1st has not disappointed this year.  This morning when I walked out for my 5 a.m. walk with my gals it was 59 and NO HUMIDITY!!!!  You cannot even imagine the JOY in my heart in anticipation of the gorgeous 75 degree weather we are going to have today. I put on my tshirt, jeans, and long cardigan (which I enjoy wearing oh so much in the Fall) and walked out with a smile!   Now granted the weatherman is only promising 10 days of this, but GOD is granting a long awaited gift today of coolness and beauty.

So excited to list and share 31 days of things that bring me Joy!