31 Days Day 2: Sparkling Water

Water has always been my drink of choice.  Even as a kid that’s what I wanted.  My oldest son is the same way.  Now I’m getting a little bored.  I don’t want soft drinks, dontvwantvthr intake of sugar from sweet tea even though I love it, so I was at a loss.

Then Walking through WalMart on Monday I saw it LeCroix flavored sparkling water!!!! One episode from The Big Boo Cast mentioned LeCroix flavored sparkling water.  At the time I filed it away in the many scrap papers of my brain and it all came rushing back standing in the aisle with Thea begging to go see toys.  gasped and grabbed me a 12 pack and I’m SOLD.  Now if you don’t like soda water you probably won’t like it, but if you have the pallet for it definitely go try!  Thanks Melanie and Sophie for the share!! I like to think I carry on conversations with them instead of just being a listener to the podcast:) Yay for exciting water!


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