31 Days, Day 23- Accept the Help

Pride is such an ugly characteristic that gets involved in my life way too often.  I’ve had to rewire my lean into prideful independence since we’ve brought children into our lives.

For so many years I just did it myself, got it done, and pushed through when things got tough.  I added 4 human (3 kids + husband) responsibilities into my life and that complicated things.  I no longer could just do it all myself and it became hard to accept help and admit that I need help often.

Help is not a bad thing.  When life gets crazy God often sends help that I turn away because my pride is too big.

My commitment is to accept the help when offered and ask for help when I just can’t do it all myself!  Life doesn’t have to be crazy and overwhelming and sometimes it’s just good to learn from the folks that want to help!


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