31 Days, Day 20 – Digital vs. Paper Planners

Currently I have a battle of digital vs. paper calendars/day planners.  For years I lived by my paper planner.  I looked forward every year to finding the perfect one.  Then comes the iPhone and I’m ruined.  I began to use the calendar app and quit my beloved paper.  For a while I tried to do both but that was a hot mess.  So, for the past 2 years I have strictly used my calendar app.

I’m really missing my paper planner and have had my eye on a couple that look really fabulous, but I know that I’m going to struggle with going back and forth with the fact that my phone is always with me but my planner is not.  I’ve noticed that with my calendar app I don’t do as good of a job of looking ahead at what’s coming and I tend to miss some things that are actually on the calendar.

If I’m going to continue this journey of no more crazy busy I’ve got to make a decision on which tool is going to keep me accountable.

What works for you – paper, digital, or both?

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