31 Days, Day 15 – Prayer

“Pray for me”  “I need prayer”  “I’ve got to pray”
“Pray about it”

These are phrases that can be very cliche and can be empty wishes and promises.  What happens when I really earnestly pray?  What happens when I don’t just say the phrase but I really talk to and have a conversation with God?  When my schedule isn’t reflective of what I want it to be how do I use prayer to make the schedule less crazy?

I’m a firm believer that when I have a conversation with God He listens, He hears, and He has an answer.  In regards to over packing my schedule I have some choices to make.  I can pray BEFORE I put activities on my calendar or I can pray in desperation AFTER they’re on the calendar and I’m freaking out cause there’s NO TIME!

I don’t like the freaking out- out of control- what am I gonna do now feeling.  It’s not how God wants me to feel or react.  I much prefer the calm – collected – and cool approach.  Praying BEFORE the activity is scheduled in gives me the opportunity to be calm and not crazy.  Praying before I commit to the activity gives me time to listen to God’s direction.  Praying after the fact only leads to the prayers of desperation – GET ME OUT OF THIS MESS!

I’m very tired of the prayers of desperation. I don’t want to spend all my conversations with God being in desperation.  My conversations with my Creator should be WAY more than the talk of I can’t do this – I’m too tired – How do I get out of this.

Prayer before I commit has changed my ability to make wise and informed decisions. It’s also reminded me that I don’t have to give immediate answers to everybody.  If an immediate answer is needed it will have to be NO until I can pray about it.  This response is perfectly acceptable.  America’s demand of immediacy doesn’t have to rule my calendar.

How do you use prayer to determine what you do and what you don’t do with your tiime?

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