31 Days, Day 14 – Wisdom

“Wisdom is either displayed or betrayed by our actions.” -Lysa TerKeurst The Best Yes

Matthew 11:19 “Wisdom is proved right by her deeds”.

The word Wisdom has been popping up all over the place lately. That’s a sign I need to listen. Wisdom doesn’t come easily for me.  I have continually ask for it and I have to continually practice what it looks like.  I can’t be wise if I don’t practice wise things.  I want to be consistent with de-stressing and unstuffing my schedule. To do this I have to practice making wise choices with my time.

I have to know when to add activities not to.  Sometimes I’m going to need to say yes even when I feel like it’s packing the schedule.  Sometimes God is going to use a packed schedule to work through me or teach me. Hopefully more times than not He will use me through a de-cluttered schedule.

This is where the wisdom comes in to play.  If I’m practicing the wise choices I’m going to see when it’s wise to add more things in, even if it feels uncomfortable.  If I’m practicing wisdom I’m going to protect my time and schedule to honor Christ first not wear me and the rest of my house slap out!  My actions are going to show if I’m wise.

Does wisdom come easily for you?  How does wisdom play into your schedule making?

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