31 Days, Day 10 – Harmony vs. Balance

I’m a podcast junkie and I like to read multiple books at one time.  Over the last year this theme of being overwhelmed and too busy has popped up everywhere I’ve listened and read.  A lot of people have asked the question, “How do I find balance?”.  I use to ask that question until a wonderfully wise friend told me one time, in one of her Monday morning conference calls that I miss so much, “look for harmony not balance” ( fabulous quote from Susan Lewis).

Those words unlocked a whole new world for me.  I have a music minded brain and that made so much since to me.  If she had used a math analogy I would still be confused today!  So how do I look for harmony in my home when I’m trying to keep us low-key ( no pun intended:)

I have to think about all of our personalities.   Ryan, Sawyer, and I are “with the people” kind of folks and Knox and Thea are more of my home bodies.  Harmony in this instance means that I don’t have to take Thea and Knox to every practice or event that Sawyer is a part of.  Harmony means that we adjust as needed and we’re flexible as needed.

Balance gives an illusion that everything gets equal attention at all times.  That’s sure not my reality and I don’t know of anyone else that’s capable of that either.  Living life in harmony allows my brain and emotions to be OK with all of us going in different directions and still flowing together towards the same goal – honoring God in our schedule!

Of course I need lots of grace.  I can really beat myself up when I don’t stick to a non crazy schedule.  I’m pretty sure as the kids get older no matter how much wisdom God gives me in this area it will be a constant battle to look for harmony and not balance.

What does harmony look like in your house?

For from his fullness we have all received grace upon grace. John 1:16 ESV

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