31 Days, Day 8- Mom’s Extra-Curriculars

I REALLY enjoy being with people. I get excited to listen to what’s new, accomplish an activity, or just hang out. Volunteering is fueling to me. Pretty much because it means I get to be with other adults.  My home and work life is pretty much tied to younger children, and doesn’t meet the need to be with adults. In the past I have over extended myself with volunteering and too many activities for myself.  So when I decided to minimize the kid’s activities I couldn’t leave mine out.  What was my schedule looking like?

Things I have to do: Work Outside our home Tuesday through Thursday.  Manage our home.  Parent Teacher League Officer.

Extra-curricular possibilities: Continue Jr. women’s League, participate on the Joy Works (music camp) planning team, and continue teaching at church.

I’m thinking back to the standards I listed on day 1.  How much can I do and it fit being life-giving, serving to others and my family.

Prayer was going to have to shed light on this one and this is what the final answer came down to.  PTL was going to take up most of my volunteer time.  That meant Jr. Women’s had to go.  We are at church the times I would serve and I have great help and outside planning doesn’t require too much time.  So, teaching at church stays.  Joy Works planning team only requires a couple of meetings outside my home and prep time can be spread over several months.  Joy Works stays.

There has been a few things come up since I made this my final list.  Three of which involved taking my school choir to different events.  Because I’ve been so intentional about protecting my YES (thank you Lysa TerKeurst author of THE BEST YES and Kevin DeYoung author of CRAZY BUSY) I was able to really think through the cost of these activities.  Two choir activities got a YES and one got a NO.

Daily there are things I want to scream YES I’ll help, please sign me up, and sure I’ll plan that!  All I have to do to reel myself back to reality is remember the terrible face Ryan had in the earlier part of the year when I totally lost it and I quickly say NOPE it’s not in my life-giving schedule right now.

How do you protect yourself from over-committing?

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