31 Days, Day 6: Chill Out Mom!

I realized that my attitude can sometimes (let’s be honest, ALWAYS) increase the stress in our family’s atmosphere and make situations feel crazy busy when they really aren’t.  I tell my kids often to “chill out” (product of the 90’s) and then I realized I need to chill!

By nature I’m pretty laid back and easy-going.  I usually can let difficult or stressful situations roll off my back, but the longer I’ve been a mom the more tense and stressed I get when we need to get somewhere, get something accomplished, or multi-task.

My husband is a rice farmer and that means I solo parent often.  This causes issues when I’m ready to delegate ( I love to delegate).  So, because I can’t delegate responsibilities as much as I want (my kids are still young) I get really tense, stressed, and out of control when things get a little crazy.  As mom’s attitude goes so goes the rest of the family’s- then we are in a HOT mess!

I can’t decrease every crazy busy moment that comes our way but I can check my responses.  I can breathe slowly.  I can smile.  I can remember that it’s not the end of the world if we are late, missing shoes, and missing hair-bows.  What matters is my attitude is gracious, forgiving, kind, and calm.

When I get stressed my body temperature rises fast and then the hair begins to FRIZZ!  So, next time you see me and the hair is way FRIZZED OUT – tell me to CHILL!

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