31 Days, Day 2: Priority vs. Non Priority

Sticking to a priority list is so tough for me.  Now that I have the list what does that mean for the stuff NOT in the priorities.  I can already see I’m gonna try to cheat on my list.  It’s the non-priority stuff that I have a hard time saying NO to and keeping it outside of the bubble of my priorities.  I’m an extrovert and that means I am fueled by being with people and being with people usually means more activities on the calendar.  So I need to establish what stays on the Non Priority list.  I have a feeling these are gonna be broad and not specific.

Stuff that doesn’t make the cut:
– activities that drain my energy, time, attitude
– duplicated activities (like volunteering for organizations that do the same type of work, or involving my kids in too many sports)
– not in the budget activities
– activities non-essential for growing my family’s spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental skills
– activities that overwhelm us and don’t allow for creativity and re-fueling
– things I don’t pray about first

I see this list being the standard and the gateway for what is allowed on the priority list.

If you really want to gain knowledge, you must begin by having respect for the Lord.  But foolish people hate wisdom and training. Proverbs 1:7 NIRV

This verse reminds me my time and schedule is all about wisdom and discipline!

**Super organized and prioritized people of the world…How do you stick to your priorities and keep from being crazy busy and overwhelmed?**

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